Monday, April 30, 2012

Helllooooooo old friend

So it's been a LONG time since I've blogged. I actually forgot I had it, forgot that I haven't updated ANYTHING! I thought it would be fitting to start this new update with a rather funny story. It all started with my NEED for oatmeal, I put the oatmeal in the microwave so I could get ready for school. I had a feeling that it would be overflowing sometime soon, I was wearing these super cute, completly practical, knee high riding style boots (keep in mind that we have wood floors) I was running through my kitchen, I slipped almost hitting my head on the corner of the island. I pushed myself forward(so I didn't end up cutting my head) I ended up instead, face planting into the microwave(really?!? REALLY!!!)smacking my arm into the island, slipping AGAIN and landing on my hind quarter. Yes, this really did happen and I wish someone had gotten this on tape, it was one of those moments you see in slow motion but you can't save yourself no matter how much you wish you could. The best part of the story is the faceplant into the microwave because at the point I realized that my oatmeal was still going to spill over and there was NOTHING I COULD DO! Surving this delightful little moment in life, as people see this bruise, ask what happened my favorite thing to say is "Well I was making oatmeal..." People tend to think that I've been in 1.) a fight ( does that sound like me? I think NOT) 2.) I'm getting nocked about. No people I am just clumsy and can't seem to make oatmeal like a normal person.
This last picture is what my arm currently looks like... nice huh! Well this has beeen a fun and festive update! Glad we are reunited and back in action folks! Can't wait to fill you in on how I walk into parked cars while texting. YES it's happend!!! LOTS TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!!!