Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Sitting and Sleep Deprived

This week I am house sitting,

I make sure that when I go on endeavors like this I have all that's necessary

  • *Clothes (given)
  • * Ipod
  • * Chocolate
  • * Glee Soundtrack
  • * 17 again
  • * Fireproof
  • * Chai Tea latte
  • * Blueberry Pancakes
  • * Camera

You get the idea, the basics things you never leave home without. This time I brought my friend Amanda along with me! It' been crazy and an adventurous time thus far.

Along with this house sitting adventure comes a little dog by the name of molly. She is so cute minus the fact that when she gets excited she pees.
Today she ran into the neighbors yard, the neighbor picked her up to give her back to Amanda and the dog peed.
She barks at her reflection, the cats that are twice her size, and the neighbor kids who are playing outside.

Amanda also brought the dog to my work (Which is a church) our friend Gina greeted molly in a very happy voice, Gina got a little presant from molly : Molly peed on Gina's pants. Gina did clean herself up but we have since learned no excited talking to Molly... DO NOT DO IT!!!

She eats bugs, yes ladies and gentlemen I have pulled a grasshopper out of her mouth (insert standing ovation, because if you knew me this make since.. I don't touch bugs!)

I have also learned that ant poison first attracts ants then kills them, don't add more poison.
Also, that when you mix Amanda+Me+ really late/ early in the morning = sleep deprived videos that mean nothing except quoting - What About Bob?-

I think I have become addicted to coffee, didn't think that was ever going to happen but when you don't get enough sleep and you need/ must function the next day you do what every normal being does.. drink some coffee!!!

Things I have learned thus far:

*You don't talk to molly in a happy/ excited voice (she pees)
*Pecan granola and bluberries are A to the mazing in pancakes
*It's never too late to have another cup of coffee
*You can sleep later in life
*Somehow the dog will go through your bag and pull out your toothbrush to chew
on it.
*Don't put toothbrush in mouth get a NEW one!
*kill ALL bugs before they become lunch (for the dog that is)
*watch out molly likes the neighbors house a little too much
*Get to know neighbors
*The post at the end of the stairwell is connected to the stairs not floor, there is one more step
*The beeping sound in the hall doesn't mean you're going crazy it means there is a message, people still do have home phones.
*If not careful the cats will sleep on your head

This has been just a glimpse of my house sitting adventure.

p.s. - I missed a step in the stairs one morning and fell like a tree falling down in the woods.. just thought I would share that funny little image. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't stop believing

This last weekend was ladies' retreat. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, worship, bonfires, shopping, laughing and an extreme lack of sleep. It was great!!

Really, when you think about it who needs sleep anyway??

We had a van load of girls and drove to Newport for the weekend.

The song we had stuck in our head, "Don't stop believing". When there is 238 women, 2 elevators, 6 floors... four/ five roommates you're bound to get a thing or two stuck in your head.

Friday night was our first session and it was so incredible I couldn't write fast enough, we also had a bonfire on the beach that night. We roasted marshmallows, sang some worship songs and enjoyed each other's company.

At one point we had hit such a wall from lack of sleep that we rode the elevator for a half hour singing to anyone who came along for the ride. Some enjoyed our sleepless state of songs others couldn't wait for those shiny doors of freedom to open.
The things you do when you're tired. *Note, stay away from elevators, when tired.*

Saturday we had two sessions one in the morning and one in the evening. Both were incredibly encouraging and just what I neededd to hear. Between the two sessions we shopped like true women do when we have free time. :)

As the day went on, we kept going and the hours of being awake strongly out weighed the hours of sleep, silliness set in.
When one of us would get off the elevator, the others that were inside would wait till the doors were almost shut and then say in a rather loud voice, "Oh' I forgot to give you a hug!" If you haven't seen elf then this won't make any since but if you have then you get it.

Saturday night was such a fun night filled with old time candy (which we got to serve to the wonderful ladies while wearing these oh' so cute aprons!), I love Lucy, bonfire, worship time and My Fair Lady.

Sunday, we had a morning session.. this one was my all time favorite! We talked about worry and fear. We also wrote letters to ourselves which we will get in three months.. who knows what life will look like then!

On our way home we had such an adventure, we had lunch on the beach, took pictures on the cutest bridge ever and then went home.

Today being Monday, is the day of recovery, nothing a GIANT white mocha couldn't fix.

The best part is knowing it was all worth it, so we missed a few nights of sleep... but we have some of the best memories ever!

After all we're just a bunch of -"small town girls living in a lonely world, taking the midnight train going anywhere... "