Monday, February 22, 2010

~My Anyway Friend ~

I heard last week of something I have never thought of: An anyway friend. What is that you may ask? Well allow me to share with you,

Anyway Friend:
Is the one person in your life, whom
No matter what you say or do
No matter what they've been through with you
Will love you anyway.

Seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard of! This little thing gave me a lot to think about this weekend. I first thought of relationships and how one day I want an anway friend. Then it became something more then just my "regular" relationships.

I realized I already had one, I have an anway friend and I've had this one for many years. The problem was I didn't realize that I had my anyway friend, I was too busy thinking that I needed some other person to be my anyway friend. Someone new and exciting. When I realized that I had an anway friend already I felt silly and bad that I forgot that I had one. I mean really what girl forgets someone who had been there for them not because they had to but because they wanted to?

My anyway friend is God, He has ALWAYS been there for me and will continue to do so no matter what!!! How awesome is that, I don't have to ask Him to listen or even explain the situation He knows and He cares. He doesn't fake his sadness at the sight of my pain and He doesn't fake His joy at the sight of my joy all of it is truely genuine. It truely is cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you!!
WOW- that's all I have to say WOW.

I mean I knew all of this, I knew that He did/does care for me but it seems like along the way I get reminded because like a goldfish I forget.
I tend to morph between the forgetful goldfish and the dumb little sheep who gets stuck in the corner everyday.

Today I have decided to take joy in, find contentment in, delight in and rest in my anyway friend. The ONE who has ALWAYS been there for me.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It's valentines day weekend and what am I going to do???.....

1. Watch Dear John (check)

2. Cry my eyes out (check/ happened while watching movie)

3. Eat Chocolate (naturally) *Note not just a valentines day occurance*

4. Have a girls only weekend (just two days then check)

5. Enjoy my Single Awareness Day (sure thing)

Yes Ma'am that pretty much sums up my weekend.

I have to say that I love going out with the girls, we talk, laugh, cry and that's just in the first ten minutes. I'm finding out the guys are like Rubik's cube .. multi-colored, confusing and confusing (just in case I didn't share that part)
But we women are Rubik's cubes ourselves we on the other hand are one solid color, not confusing just everything flowing and meshing together.
Men must have their boxes and compartments, we on the other hand enjoy our mush pots, our casseroles if you will.

Wow, I have the weirdest thoughts sometimes (aren't you glad I share them with you!) I bet you are now asking yourself why in the world you're reading this and why do I write this down? Some thoughts are better left in the head and not said.. right?? Well I'm a walking twitter ... it's all coming out (Insert laugh here) :)

Well that's all I have to say for now ...

One last thing :) Go see Dear John and bring some tissue because you'll need it, oh' the chocolate don't forget that ....