Friday, June 25, 2010

.A cRaZy ThInG I call my LIFE.

Welp time to catch up....
What have you missed since the last crazy episode called my life.

I moved into an apartment with two of the best girls ever!! Seriously they are amazing!! I couldn't ask for better ones ... Just take a look! The Lord has been so great in bringing us together. Our friendship has been such a blessing!
Life has been moving forward at full speed, which is awesome but sometimes leaves me like a zombie. Hooray for coffee, lifes magical gift.. a.k.a "Heaven's Dew"

To add to the many hobbies/loves in my life.. I'm house sitting not just but two houses.. in one of the houses they have a small dog, now lets go back and remember what happened last time I house sat a small dog..... it ran away and peed on the neighbors.. good times. I was a bit nervous about taking on this little pup, well I must say that this dog listens very well. Despite the fact that little dogs and I don't always mix but I must say that this has been a most successful outing with a little pup. We only had one moment that was a little ruff, she ran past me to the front yard delighting in her freedom, and there I was chasing her around in my pj's .... real treat for the neighbors :). Sometimes I think that the neighbors will miss my crazy antics what will they discuss when dinner time rolls around? There will be no crazy lady running around the front yard trying to catch the dog that is harder to catch then a chicken. Yes, their lives will be lacking some serious entertainment.

With life being crazy, I decided that I would be really crazy and add a full coarse load to my summer just to make life more adventerous?!?! :)

Goal for the summer = not to be a frazzeled mess :)

Okay, this is the end of this episode till next time.. who know what adventures just might be happening by then.