Monday, March 7, 2011

Somedays you gotta DANCE

Life has ups and downs, ins and outs. Something is always coming around the mountain. Are you sad yet? Hehehe okay it's time to be encouraged.
When things get cloudy and there doesn't seem to be enough sun to make things cheery, there is NOTHING wrong with standing up and dancing it out. Turn on something happy no matter what it is, it could be some sunshine and lollipops, Garth Brooks, Chris Tomlin, it could even be some High School Musical (I won't judge) just put it on and get out of those sweats! Reheat the coffee and pick up that 409 and clean your heart out! Don't let a little cloudy weather bring you down. Alright, now that we are determined to have some success, you may have to clean your house, do the laundry, dishes might be piled in your sink, home work might even be beckoning your name, you might even have kids who have jam hands from breakfast, you're idea of a mini vacation is taking a shower without someone bothering you, you may have a to do list the size of Texas ... whatever it is get it done. Conquer it, don't let it get you down but you just kick it to the curb, throw it to the ground.

Nice, pep talk huh?!?
Well I'm talking to me too ...

Yes I'm still wearing my sweats, my coffee is chilling somewhere in my house. I must find it. I wish it had an alarm like my car. I know it's sad, I don't have kids but yes I lost my coffee .. I think I'll blame it on my head cold, yes that's a great idea. Anything to help me feel like I'm not slowly losing my mind.

Sometimes I wish I could just sleep on my books and soak up the knowledge, that would be nice an uncomfortable nap but it would be nice. But since that won't happen I guess it's time to get some studying on ... finals week is about to begin but through it all I'm determined to DANCE through it!!

Alright, now that we know what we gotta do let's do it! Put on your rain gear, life gets a little messy but that's okay.. it's part of the fun and the adventure!