Sunday, November 7, 2010


A father takes on different shapes to different people. It can be someone you look up to, someone you want to model your life after, a pillar of strength, a hero, the one who chases the monsters away, the guest of honor at your impromptu tea party (you know the kind where all your guest are your best stuffed animals and you wear your pink boa ..) To me my father is someone I can go to for advice, someone I have always ran to when my toys, jewelry and broken hearts. He loves me no matter what (trust me if you know me well you know that A BIG DEAL), there for me when I change my mind a million times only to go back to the first suggestion he gave me, always supports me, helps me figure out what crazy thing I'm going to do next. Never discourages my spontaneity, taught me how to laugh at myself, helps me take myself seriously when I feel others don't. My DAD - a rock, a man after God's own heart - my DAD - someone I trust has my best interest at heart, knows me well and loves me just as I am.

Now that we have crossed that bridge let us think about it on a different level shall we?

My HEAVENLY FATHER: He CREATED ME, knows me WAY better than anyone EVER could, LOVES me just as I am, truly has my best interest at HEART, never leaves me, always walks life's crazy roads with me, listens when I talk, knows EVERY TEAR I have ever cried, knows ALL my HURTS, has been there when I wanted to give up, when I have changed my mind, been there when I thought no one else was, been there through my times of rebellion - lovingly calling me back to HIM, doesn't recount my mistakes, sees me as HIS, LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY, shows me how to live and to treat OTHERS, brings me through TRIALS just to show me that HE will give me the strength to walk through it and come out ALIVE, He REJOICES with me, HEALS my broken HEART, gives ME a GIFT each day, NEVER gives up on me, shares HIS desire for MY life... with ALL these wonderful things (I know that I have most likely forgotten to add more but there are more .. there always is:) ) yet, the thing I find HARDEST to do is TRUST COMPLETELY my HEAVENLY FATHER. I know without a doubt in my mind that HE has a plan for me and that it's going to be amazing and yes, life has it's roller coaster moments but HE will be there.
So why don't I ... well I'm working on that ... I think it's my stupid nature that gets me to think that I can do it better ... NEWS FLASH....ready ... are you ready? ... ya sure? ..... okay ... here it is ... YOU CAN'T DO IT ON YOUR OWN. It just won't work.

So, lets challenge ourselves to TRUST the ONE who KNOWS us BEST!

Good talk ... but trust me when I say I'm talking to me first.

Monday, September 20, 2010

...Time to sharpen the pencils ...

Here we go...
As summer comes to an end, the sun bids farewell and the rain has come rolling in. Sweaters are being pulled out, flip flops are being put away and my very first pair of rain boots have been purchased. The leaves are getting ready to change ... it's time for pumpkin spice lattes and white chocolate peppermint mocha's to be had. As we welcome the new season along with it comes the start of a new semester ... I'm really thrilled ... really!!

With school starting up in a week - I am reminded that though I am not entirely looking forward to writing papers and an exponential amount of reading, it will be a great semester! I am determined to get through this with flying colors. This semester will not get the best of me, wow that sounds like a good pep talk. Now if I could just remember all these things when the craziness of mid-terms come to call like the never end waves of the ocean.
Through the trials I know that it will be a very successful semester.. it will ... really it will... does that sound convincing enough??!?!

Here is to fall and the delightful things that come with it, like school supplies, pumpkin, oh my now it's time to make a pecan pie...

It's time to welcome the smells of the air after the rain, time for homemade pies, time for curling up in a blanket with hot chocolate and a good book.

One thing I love about this time of the year is ....... it ushers in CHRISTMAS!!!! Yes, that's right I said Christmas .. it's a magical time!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

.A cRaZy ThInG I call my LIFE.

Welp time to catch up....
What have you missed since the last crazy episode called my life.

I moved into an apartment with two of the best girls ever!! Seriously they are amazing!! I couldn't ask for better ones ... Just take a look! The Lord has been so great in bringing us together. Our friendship has been such a blessing!
Life has been moving forward at full speed, which is awesome but sometimes leaves me like a zombie. Hooray for coffee, lifes magical gift.. a.k.a "Heaven's Dew"

To add to the many hobbies/loves in my life.. I'm house sitting not just but two houses.. in one of the houses they have a small dog, now lets go back and remember what happened last time I house sat a small dog..... it ran away and peed on the neighbors.. good times. I was a bit nervous about taking on this little pup, well I must say that this dog listens very well. Despite the fact that little dogs and I don't always mix but I must say that this has been a most successful outing with a little pup. We only had one moment that was a little ruff, she ran past me to the front yard delighting in her freedom, and there I was chasing her around in my pj's .... real treat for the neighbors :). Sometimes I think that the neighbors will miss my crazy antics what will they discuss when dinner time rolls around? There will be no crazy lady running around the front yard trying to catch the dog that is harder to catch then a chicken. Yes, their lives will be lacking some serious entertainment.

With life being crazy, I decided that I would be really crazy and add a full coarse load to my summer just to make life more adventerous?!?! :)

Goal for the summer = not to be a frazzeled mess :)

Okay, this is the end of this episode till next time.. who know what adventures just might be happening by then.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Count it all JOY- WHAT?!?!

"Count it all JOY my brothers when you meet trails of various kinds for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness." James 1:2-3

It's much easier said then done. To count All trials JOY. How is that possible you're facing your own personal Goliath and you're suppose to count that as Joy?
Really? Joy?
It's much easier when facing your trial to kick and scream like a four years old in Walmart who didn't get the toy they wanted.
It's easier to think why me? Why in the world do I have to do this? Can't someone else go through this for me and I'll support them from the sidelines?
Is there anyway to go through this without going through this?

The answer .... NOPE.
I know that's not the fun answer but take heart, when you face those Goliaths in your life you're not going in alone.
Sure it's scary and somewhat menacing but HE is with you.
God, our faithful Creator (1Peter 4:19) He doesn't send you into battle with a pat on the back and a wish of good luck. He prepares you for the road that lies ahead.
It won't be easy, it won't always be fun but you will over come the trial.
You will look back and say - "Wow, it's in the past."
You will see the goodness of the Lord!

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!Wait for the Lord ; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Psalm 27:13-14

Don't lose heart but take courage. You will make it through to the other side. Where there is rain the sun will soon shine.

When it comes down to me facing my Goliaths, sure I don't like it and I may start to have a hissy-fit but then I remember that I'm not walking this road alone. I'm not sent out into battle unprepared but I can walk boldly in the LORD. Trusting that He will lead me to victory all I have to do is get out of the way and let HIM lead!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Sitting and Sleep Deprived

This week I am house sitting,

I make sure that when I go on endeavors like this I have all that's necessary

  • *Clothes (given)
  • * Ipod
  • * Chocolate
  • * Glee Soundtrack
  • * 17 again
  • * Fireproof
  • * Chai Tea latte
  • * Blueberry Pancakes
  • * Camera

You get the idea, the basics things you never leave home without. This time I brought my friend Amanda along with me! It' been crazy and an adventurous time thus far.

Along with this house sitting adventure comes a little dog by the name of molly. She is so cute minus the fact that when she gets excited she pees.
Today she ran into the neighbors yard, the neighbor picked her up to give her back to Amanda and the dog peed.
She barks at her reflection, the cats that are twice her size, and the neighbor kids who are playing outside.

Amanda also brought the dog to my work (Which is a church) our friend Gina greeted molly in a very happy voice, Gina got a little presant from molly : Molly peed on Gina's pants. Gina did clean herself up but we have since learned no excited talking to Molly... DO NOT DO IT!!!

She eats bugs, yes ladies and gentlemen I have pulled a grasshopper out of her mouth (insert standing ovation, because if you knew me this make since.. I don't touch bugs!)

I have also learned that ant poison first attracts ants then kills them, don't add more poison.
Also, that when you mix Amanda+Me+ really late/ early in the morning = sleep deprived videos that mean nothing except quoting - What About Bob?-

I think I have become addicted to coffee, didn't think that was ever going to happen but when you don't get enough sleep and you need/ must function the next day you do what every normal being does.. drink some coffee!!!

Things I have learned thus far:

*You don't talk to molly in a happy/ excited voice (she pees)
*Pecan granola and bluberries are A to the mazing in pancakes
*It's never too late to have another cup of coffee
*You can sleep later in life
*Somehow the dog will go through your bag and pull out your toothbrush to chew
on it.
*Don't put toothbrush in mouth get a NEW one!
*kill ALL bugs before they become lunch (for the dog that is)
*watch out molly likes the neighbors house a little too much
*Get to know neighbors
*The post at the end of the stairwell is connected to the stairs not floor, there is one more step
*The beeping sound in the hall doesn't mean you're going crazy it means there is a message, people still do have home phones.
*If not careful the cats will sleep on your head

This has been just a glimpse of my house sitting adventure.

p.s. - I missed a step in the stairs one morning and fell like a tree falling down in the woods.. just thought I would share that funny little image. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't stop believing

This last weekend was ladies' retreat. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, worship, bonfires, shopping, laughing and an extreme lack of sleep. It was great!!

Really, when you think about it who needs sleep anyway??

We had a van load of girls and drove to Newport for the weekend.

The song we had stuck in our head, "Don't stop believing". When there is 238 women, 2 elevators, 6 floors... four/ five roommates you're bound to get a thing or two stuck in your head.

Friday night was our first session and it was so incredible I couldn't write fast enough, we also had a bonfire on the beach that night. We roasted marshmallows, sang some worship songs and enjoyed each other's company.

At one point we had hit such a wall from lack of sleep that we rode the elevator for a half hour singing to anyone who came along for the ride. Some enjoyed our sleepless state of songs others couldn't wait for those shiny doors of freedom to open.
The things you do when you're tired. *Note, stay away from elevators, when tired.*

Saturday we had two sessions one in the morning and one in the evening. Both were incredibly encouraging and just what I neededd to hear. Between the two sessions we shopped like true women do when we have free time. :)

As the day went on, we kept going and the hours of being awake strongly out weighed the hours of sleep, silliness set in.
When one of us would get off the elevator, the others that were inside would wait till the doors were almost shut and then say in a rather loud voice, "Oh' I forgot to give you a hug!" If you haven't seen elf then this won't make any since but if you have then you get it.

Saturday night was such a fun night filled with old time candy (which we got to serve to the wonderful ladies while wearing these oh' so cute aprons!), I love Lucy, bonfire, worship time and My Fair Lady.

Sunday, we had a morning session.. this one was my all time favorite! We talked about worry and fear. We also wrote letters to ourselves which we will get in three months.. who knows what life will look like then!

On our way home we had such an adventure, we had lunch on the beach, took pictures on the cutest bridge ever and then went home.

Today being Monday, is the day of recovery, nothing a GIANT white mocha couldn't fix.

The best part is knowing it was all worth it, so we missed a few nights of sleep... but we have some of the best memories ever!

After all we're just a bunch of -"small town girls living in a lonely world, taking the midnight train going anywhere... "

Monday, February 22, 2010

~My Anyway Friend ~

I heard last week of something I have never thought of: An anyway friend. What is that you may ask? Well allow me to share with you,

Anyway Friend:
Is the one person in your life, whom
No matter what you say or do
No matter what they've been through with you
Will love you anyway.

Seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard of! This little thing gave me a lot to think about this weekend. I first thought of relationships and how one day I want an anway friend. Then it became something more then just my "regular" relationships.

I realized I already had one, I have an anway friend and I've had this one for many years. The problem was I didn't realize that I had my anyway friend, I was too busy thinking that I needed some other person to be my anyway friend. Someone new and exciting. When I realized that I had an anway friend already I felt silly and bad that I forgot that I had one. I mean really what girl forgets someone who had been there for them not because they had to but because they wanted to?

My anyway friend is God, He has ALWAYS been there for me and will continue to do so no matter what!!! How awesome is that, I don't have to ask Him to listen or even explain the situation He knows and He cares. He doesn't fake his sadness at the sight of my pain and He doesn't fake His joy at the sight of my joy all of it is truely genuine. It truely is cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you!!
WOW- that's all I have to say WOW.

I mean I knew all of this, I knew that He did/does care for me but it seems like along the way I get reminded because like a goldfish I forget.
I tend to morph between the forgetful goldfish and the dumb little sheep who gets stuck in the corner everyday.

Today I have decided to take joy in, find contentment in, delight in and rest in my anyway friend. The ONE who has ALWAYS been there for me.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It's valentines day weekend and what am I going to do???.....

1. Watch Dear John (check)

2. Cry my eyes out (check/ happened while watching movie)

3. Eat Chocolate (naturally) *Note not just a valentines day occurance*

4. Have a girls only weekend (just two days then check)

5. Enjoy my Single Awareness Day (sure thing)

Yes Ma'am that pretty much sums up my weekend.

I have to say that I love going out with the girls, we talk, laugh, cry and that's just in the first ten minutes. I'm finding out the guys are like Rubik's cube .. multi-colored, confusing and confusing (just in case I didn't share that part)
But we women are Rubik's cubes ourselves we on the other hand are one solid color, not confusing just everything flowing and meshing together.
Men must have their boxes and compartments, we on the other hand enjoy our mush pots, our casseroles if you will.

Wow, I have the weirdest thoughts sometimes (aren't you glad I share them with you!) I bet you are now asking yourself why in the world you're reading this and why do I write this down? Some thoughts are better left in the head and not said.. right?? Well I'm a walking twitter ... it's all coming out (Insert laugh here) :)

Well that's all I have to say for now ...

One last thing :) Go see Dear John and bring some tissue because you'll need it, oh' the chocolate don't forget that ....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The never ending paper process

So I'm suppose to be finishing my paper for my nutrition homework..... I'm doing everything but that. I have organized my music on all three programs of my laptop, caught up with friends, text a few people, checked the facebook and now I'm blogging.

Homework status - unfinished.

I have to write a paper on the lower colon, I mean really there is no hurry to get to that! I'm so grossed out I never want to eat again! That won't last long :)

What teacher thinks to themselves "Hey, I have an idea, I'll have all the students right a two page paper on the lower colon." (YUCK)

Let me tell you it does not make for ineresting reading.

Apparently I have left somethings out.... well let me fix that.
Your lower intestine is 10 feet long about the length of a tennis court.
Your lower intestine looks like velvet with hair on it, the villi move like a sea anemone... now doen't that just sound like fun!

My paper is on a specific disease known as IBS (not inductive bible study)
I will not list the symptoms because I'm having a hard enough time reading about it.

*Note to self - don't eat while reading.

that's all I'm going to share :) ..... THE END

Okay ..... homework time...


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Laugh in the Moment

My second semester of community college has started and let me tell you it's going to be a unique term!
Today I got to stand out in the rain for a whole 20 + minutes because the poor teacher (really poor guy!) didn't have his keys. Apparently last term he didn't get it until the 5th week and this being his first year he feels this could be the likely story of this semester. Great more standing in the rain! I figure if we are at least going to be out there could they put some benches and maybe some starbucks because that would make the wait way more delightful.

When public safety did come to unlock the class room they didn't believe he was the teacher because he didn't have his id card and the campus saftey guy had to clear him first. It was a great start to the day. Really?!?!?! This guy is a teacher here, I mean at least that's what he says I hope and pray it's true because that would just be weird and a bit creepy not going to lie.

I was thinking to myself that this would be a funny story for later today, not so much at the moment but later, it would make great dinner conversation. When I thought that I just couldn't help but laugh at how sad we looked and how the poor teacher with his purple and yellow shoes is pacing the pavement apologizing. I like to find hummor in the little things but sometimes I find it when no one else does and then they look at me like I'm weird. At that point there is a lot of explaining to do and it's just not funny anymore. That's when the real weird glances begin.

This term will be a funny one that is for sure, I know I will enjoy it.
Oh' what will the end of this week bring? What will next week bring? Will we make into our class room right when we are suppose to? We will be standing in the rain?? Will there be benches and starbucks? Will he finally get a set of keys and an id card? Will campus safety at this week finally know who he is? Will the teacher wear those purple shoes again?
So many question ... let's hope there will be answers ... till next time.