Sunday, November 7, 2010


A father takes on different shapes to different people. It can be someone you look up to, someone you want to model your life after, a pillar of strength, a hero, the one who chases the monsters away, the guest of honor at your impromptu tea party (you know the kind where all your guest are your best stuffed animals and you wear your pink boa ..) To me my father is someone I can go to for advice, someone I have always ran to when my toys, jewelry and broken hearts. He loves me no matter what (trust me if you know me well you know that A BIG DEAL), there for me when I change my mind a million times only to go back to the first suggestion he gave me, always supports me, helps me figure out what crazy thing I'm going to do next. Never discourages my spontaneity, taught me how to laugh at myself, helps me take myself seriously when I feel others don't. My DAD - a rock, a man after God's own heart - my DAD - someone I trust has my best interest at heart, knows me well and loves me just as I am.

Now that we have crossed that bridge let us think about it on a different level shall we?

My HEAVENLY FATHER: He CREATED ME, knows me WAY better than anyone EVER could, LOVES me just as I am, truly has my best interest at HEART, never leaves me, always walks life's crazy roads with me, listens when I talk, knows EVERY TEAR I have ever cried, knows ALL my HURTS, has been there when I wanted to give up, when I have changed my mind, been there when I thought no one else was, been there through my times of rebellion - lovingly calling me back to HIM, doesn't recount my mistakes, sees me as HIS, LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY, shows me how to live and to treat OTHERS, brings me through TRIALS just to show me that HE will give me the strength to walk through it and come out ALIVE, He REJOICES with me, HEALS my broken HEART, gives ME a GIFT each day, NEVER gives up on me, shares HIS desire for MY life... with ALL these wonderful things (I know that I have most likely forgotten to add more but there are more .. there always is:) ) yet, the thing I find HARDEST to do is TRUST COMPLETELY my HEAVENLY FATHER. I know without a doubt in my mind that HE has a plan for me and that it's going to be amazing and yes, life has it's roller coaster moments but HE will be there.
So why don't I ... well I'm working on that ... I think it's my stupid nature that gets me to think that I can do it better ... NEWS FLASH....ready ... are you ready? ... ya sure? ..... okay ... here it is ... YOU CAN'T DO IT ON YOUR OWN. It just won't work.

So, lets challenge ourselves to TRUST the ONE who KNOWS us BEST!

Good talk ... but trust me when I say I'm talking to me first.