Monday, September 20, 2010

...Time to sharpen the pencils ...

Here we go...
As summer comes to an end, the sun bids farewell and the rain has come rolling in. Sweaters are being pulled out, flip flops are being put away and my very first pair of rain boots have been purchased. The leaves are getting ready to change ... it's time for pumpkin spice lattes and white chocolate peppermint mocha's to be had. As we welcome the new season along with it comes the start of a new semester ... I'm really thrilled ... really!!

With school starting up in a week - I am reminded that though I am not entirely looking forward to writing papers and an exponential amount of reading, it will be a great semester! I am determined to get through this with flying colors. This semester will not get the best of me, wow that sounds like a good pep talk. Now if I could just remember all these things when the craziness of mid-terms come to call like the never end waves of the ocean.
Through the trials I know that it will be a very successful semester.. it will ... really it will... does that sound convincing enough??!?!

Here is to fall and the delightful things that come with it, like school supplies, pumpkin, oh my now it's time to make a pecan pie...

It's time to welcome the smells of the air after the rain, time for homemade pies, time for curling up in a blanket with hot chocolate and a good book.

One thing I love about this time of the year is ....... it ushers in CHRISTMAS!!!! Yes, that's right I said Christmas .. it's a magical time!!

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  1. Yes, I love it!!! Fall is a beautiful time to get all bundle up with a nice cup of white mocha or a pumpkin latte (especially in Oregon, with the rain). Too bad fall has to be tainted with school but I like your mentality... after all it is almost october then it is halloween and thanksgiving, then christmas!! See its almost over... keep thinking of it in big chucks!! you will be done in no time!!