Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where did ALL the motivation go?

What will today bring?

This is the question I ask myself as I am getting up ....

Then it hit me, today will be WONDERFUL... why? Because I choose it to be!
Today I will do all the homework I have successfully put off, I will have chai and watch Gilmore girls.
I am determined to get through the mounds of my "To-Do" list and have success waiting at the end of the tunnel!!! Repeat after me .. "The light at the end is not a train" hahaha. I can go forward without getting creamed. I think we are making good progress :).
I will get the milk for the chai heated up and my snuggie(yes, I said snuggie), put my Gilmore girls in, my school books out, laundry started and slowly but surely that evil To-Do list will get smaller and eventually go away.
I'm looking forward to that because right now that nasty little list is mocking me and telling me I should stop blogging and get things done ... why thank you. It's nice to know that inanimate objects can mock you so nicely. Now if I could just get my magic wand out like Cinderella's fairy godmother, clean things like Mary Poppins, sing a song and have non-creepy woodland animals clean my house .. wow Disney... wow. Maybe I could I dream of Jeanie it and just make the list go away... along with the chores on it. Since non of that will actually be happening I guess it would be time for me to do it myself ... time to crank up the music .. DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOWS (one day I will when it's not ANTARCTICA outside).. and get these chores done!
I would much rather curl up with a blanket, book and hot chocolate ... just relax. Well that was a nice thought but productivity calls and now I must answer it.
I think the list is actually growing now... seriously.. I just keep thinking of things I need to add to it. Welp so much for that positive attitude... I'm arming myself with chai and chocolate. I can CONQUER ANYTHING :).

There we go ... back on track.

Okay, here I go ... off to get things done! Be productive, I refuse to let my motivation leave me ... well I guess you should have something before it can leave you. Okay now I'm off to get motivated and beat that list. Here I go, full speed, on my way ...
Okay seriously.


  1. I love you.:)

    And btw...I threw motivation TO THE GROUND today and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. How 'bout them apples?

    Can I blame it on my cold? I think I will.

  2. I love you too!!! Good job on throwing it to the ground! I do that every once in a while ... except then my list grows ... YUCK! :)

  3. Hahahaa I love this!! You make me laugh lovely face!